• Teto
    Maravilla Latigo De Ubrique. Our first Spanish Water Dog, it was definitely love at first sight! Very kindly entrusted to us by Maravilla Spanish Water Dogs.
  • Yo-Yo
    Maravilla Chiripa. Our second SWD from the Maravilla clan. Yo-Yo is very loving and loyal and is Zarza's mum.
  • Zarza
    GranReserva Zarzamora. Our choice from YoYo's first litter and the baby of our family.
  • Botón
    Granreserva Valeroso. Our first fully home grown SWD. The charming son of Teto and Zarza.
  • GranReserva
    GranReserva Spanish Water Dogs. We love spending time together.
  • First Litter
    First Litter
    YoYo's first litter born 2nd April 2010. 2 boys and 3 girls.
  • Christmas Litter
    Christmas Litter
    Yo-Yo's second litter born on 26th December 2011. 2 boys and 2 girls.
  • March 2013 Litter
    March 2013 Litter
    Zarza and Teto's litter born Saturday 16th March 2013. 2 boys and 6 girls.